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Elevate TahoeStyle!

Lake Tahoe isn’t just a place where the outdoor recreation opportunities are endless, or where you can stroll from shops to casinos in the space of a city block. Lake Tahoe is a culture all her own, built on nature and sustained by commerce; a lifestyle of relaxation in the midst of tourism and excitement.

born here & raised since 1969 ( Thank you Elvis ;-)) Spending summers on the lake or hiking in the woods, and winters skiing at resorts or just playing in the snow, I grew up with a love of the outdoors and nature’s stunning displays. Although I’d worked around the lake in various capacities ranging from a restaurant busboy to sales and various casino shops, I eventually made my way to the city to try out a different adventure.

It was there that I jumped in the IT community, working for various internet providers and telecom giants. My versatility in the tech arena allowed me to jump around among Engineering, Software/Hardware Support, Administration, and other IT job fields as well as working with two of the largest multi-tenant data centers in NorCal. Heck, I learned a lot and was good at what I did, I loved it. But as I built a career at a desk, the lake continued to beckon me, as it always had. In 2003, I registered the domain name in one of those daydreaming moments. Wanting to create a website that would allow me to never stray away from the place I was born, became several personal blogs for me.

Years later I found myself with a choice following a layoff, and I moved back to Lake Tahoe and the mountains. This time with my two sons, and there was no looking back. After a stint in IT for a local ski resort, I realized that I couldn’t look at the beauty of Lake Tahoe through the window anymore. I needed to be outside, experiencing the life and vibrancy that Lake Tahoe has to offer. Way past due, it's time, Let's Go!