11 Amazing Things to do in Lake Tahoe 2020

The indescribable beauty of Lake Tahoe is one that draws in a countless number of visitors all year round. Lake Tahoe represents several things for different people. It represents the spirit of adventure, and a means to get away from the pervading storm of the outside world. It’s a place you go to find yourself and also to lose yourself. Above all, it is a place of unerring serenity and amazing beauty. From the cobalt blue of the lake to the awe-inspiring mountain ranges, there are Tahoe activities for everyone. The spirit of the Tahoe is well and alive, and it’s not just about the spectacular Sierra Nevada mountain range. Although that is pretty awesome.

But, while some months are busier than others, it’s possible to get the best of Lake Tahoe all year round. Camp out on the stunning campgrounds or hike the mountain trails and breath in the clear mountain air. Test your skills on the snowy slopes or relax on South Lake Tahoe beaches. You’ll find something that rocks your boat, even if it’s well, rocking in a boat.

Best Lake Tahoe Activities in the Summer

Water Activities

So, Tahoe activities are not all about the water, but how can you visit Tahoe without experiencing the awesomeness of the lake? Whether you’re a world-class water athlete or this is your first dip, these incredible activities will have you returning for more.


Tahoe has 75 miles of breathtaking shoreline, which can be experienced in a number of ways. But paddling is probably one of the most awesome experiences ever. The feel of the crisp air on your skin, the sound of the water, the sheer beauty all around you… it all seems to beckon as you cut across the water. You can paddle the entire 75-mile shoreline or spread it out and camp along the shore. Either way, this is one epic Lake Tahoe activity that you will remember for a very long time.

Stand Up Paddleboarding

Now, there are some pretty awesome places to paddleboard in the world, but few like Lake Tahoe. The stunning clarity and awe-inspiring beauty of the water make Lake Tahoe one of the unique paddleboard destinations in the world. Standing on the rivers and lakes is an activity that can only be experienced. There’s practically no better way to see the rivers, lakes and the sheer majesty of the surrounding mountains. And whether you’ve done this several times or just once, it’s always loads of fun.


There’s something particularly exhilarating about waterskiing. And, when it’s on the beautiful waters of the Tahoe, it’s even more spectacular. A water sport that is fun for the entire family, waterskiing is a wonderful way to have a day out on the water. Over the years, several people have been drawn to the serenity of this area. This means that beginners can easily get lessons and explore the wonders of the lake.


Soar high above Lake Tahoe with an exhilarating parasailing ride. Let the breathtaking view fill your senses as the wind whips through your hair. There are very few experiences as awe-inspiring as this and Lake Tahoe is a fabulous place to have this. See Lake Tahoe as you’ve never seen it before with a clear view of the river and the mountains. This might not strictly be an on-water experience, but practically sailing over the water is an amazing Tahoe activity.


Tired of water sports and want to take things easy? Then the perfect Lake Tahoe activity for you is a serene cruise on the lake. If you prefer the rough and tumble of water sports, that’s fine. But you should not leave Lake Tahoe without experiencing this unique way of exploring the beauty of the lake. Breathe in the fresh air and take in the magnificence of the Sierra mountains as you take a leisurely cruise from the sSouth Shore to Emerald Bay.

Off-Water Activities

Naturally, Lake Tahoe activities will include water activities. It is a lake, after all. However, there’s more to the area than the stunning body of fresh alpine water. It’s a great idea to plan some off-water Tahoe activities while you’re in the area. And we’re here to give you tips on the best off-water experiences Lake Tahoe has to offer.


There’s no doubt that the Lake Tahoe area has one of the most stunning sceneries you will ever encounter. And what better way to take it in than hiking through any of the awesome trails the area has to offer? There’s a trail for everyone, from experienced to beginner hikers. So, step into nature and reconnect with a deeper and greater force as you experience the stunning beauty and magnificence of the outdoors. Choose a trail and step outside.

Take a Gondola Ride

Interestingly, the gondola rides up heavenly mountains is usually a Tahoe winter activity. However, in the summer, it is one of the most amazing ways to see the heavenly mountains and experience the spectacular views. This 2.4-mile ride is guaranteed to leave you breathless. You will be awed all the way to the top. The Observation Deck on the way up gives you an incredible view of Lake Tahoe, Carson Valley, and Desolation Wilderness.

Best of Lake Tahoe Winter Activities


With several ski resorts in the area, Lake Tahoe is a favorite spot for skiers. Choose between Heavenly, Alpine Meadows, Squaw Valley or Northstar, among so many others. There’s great skiing for advanced skiers, but beginners are not left out either. Incline Village and Alpine Meadows have amazing skiing that’s just fine for those just learning how to ski. And of course, there’s cross country skiing which dates back to the 1850s. It’s a great way to experience skiing without going down a slope, particularly if that isn’t your thing.


So maybe skiing is not your thing, and that’s okay. You can still hit the slopes for some winter fun with a snowboard. Some of them anyway. You can plan your snowboarding activity solo or with your friends and have incredible fun. It’s also an amazing way for the entire family to have a great time together.

Ice Skating

Still, want to be on the ice but not particularly keen on sliding down mountains? Then ice skating may be the perfect option for you. It’s a fun Tahoe activity, and if you’ve never tried it before, then your Lake Tahoe vacation is a good time to try. Want an outdoor skating rink? Stop by Heavenly and Squaw in South Lake and North Lake.

Explore with a Snowmobile

Tear a path through the mountains and down the valley with a snowmobile. South Lake Tahoe has some incredible trails where you can experience the beauty of the scenery. There are several tours with adventure guides for the ultimate must-see Tahoe places. This is definitely one winter Lake Tahoe activity you should not miss.

Experience a Sleigh Ride

No, you probably won’t be meeting with Prancer and Dasher, but you can enjoy a wonderful Christmas experience. Complete with sleigh bells tinkling, the sleighs are decorated elegantly as the horse’s dash through the pine-scented forests in a winter wonderland. This is a quintessential postcard experience that will live in your hearts for a really long time.

If you have not done so yet, it’s time to take your Lake Tahoe vacation. There is something for everyone from the solo traveler to groups of friends or families traveling together. The summer Tahoe activities are incredibly fun, but the winter activities are no less fun either. Pick the activity that’s right for you and start planning your Lake Tahoe vacation today. If you’re not sure where to start, this website is just for you. Look around as we share our Lake Tahoe experience with you.

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