6 Best Places To Visit In Lake Tahoe

Sitting pretty in the Sierra Nevada Mountains lies Lake Tahoe on the border of California and Nevada. It is known as “the place” for vacationers. Famous for its beaches and ski resorts, it is visited by approximately 2.7 million people per year. Wow, that’s a lot of people!

Lake Tahoe is no stranger to large crowds as it hosts huge events/festivals frequently. There are limitless options for top-rated resorts and restaurants to cater to all kinds of people. On top of being a treat to the eyes, Lake Tahoe offers plenty of activities like hiking, skiing, kayaking, and more. 

The nightlife is wild; if you move towards the South, you will find great clubs to dance the night away. Casinos and bars are also quite extravagant. 

Looks like we have enticed you enough to hop on a plane and visit Lake Tahoe!

In an attempt to help you know your soon-to-be trip better, we listed 6 Best Places to visit during your stay at Lake Tahoe:

Emerald Bay State Park

Not visiting Emerald Bay State Park when in Lake Tahoe is like going to Ben and Jerry’s and not eating ice-cream!

Considered as a National Natural Landmark, Emerald Bay State Park is situated on the west shore of Lake Tahoe. The striking blue-green color of the water is because the bay is shallower than the lake. 

Another great thing about Emerald Bay State Park is that it has two campsites. The Eagle Point Campground, which has a secluded beach at only a few steps from the lake, and the Boat-In Camp, which you can travel to on foot or via a boat.

For a birds-eye view of the Emerald Bay State Park from 600 feet above, visit Inspiration Point.

Places to Visit at Lake Tahoe by TahoeStyle
Places to Visit at Lake Tahoe by TahoeStyle

South Lake Tahoe

If hiking excites you, the South Lake Tahoe is the place to be! There are both challenging and easy-to-go hiking trails; you can choose according to your mood. Each of these trails is exceptionally scenic. The view of the sunset at the end of a challenging day is worth it! 

The most popular one is the Rubicon trail going through D.L Bliss State to Emerald Bay. You can go for a 2 mile round trip of the Fallen Leaf Lake Trail for a quick hike. To walk along cascading waterfalls when hiking, take the Cascade Falls Trail.

Squaw Valley

As we know, Lake Tahoe is a popular destination for skiing in the winter. Places like Squaw Valley and Heavenly provide alpine skiing in Lake Tahoe. Heavenly also has a 2.4-mile gondola ride that gives you a stunning view of Lake Tahoe’s ski terrain.

The Squaw Valley is the best place to visit in winter as it houses many welcoming ski resorts. We recommend the Northstar California Resort if you want to go snowboarding!

Places to Visit at Lake Tahoe by TahoeStyle
Places to Visit at Lake Tahoe by TahoeStyle

King’s Beach

Traveling northwards, we reach King’s beach. King’s beach is one of the top-rated most visited shores of North Lake Tahoe. It is a gorgeous sandy beach basking in the sunlight— perfect for swimming, sun-bathing, kayaking, motor-boating, and more water-related activities.

The beach is incredibly convenient for the visitors as there are restroom facilities, eateries, shaded areas for picnics, motels, retail shops, rental shops, etc. King’s beach allows you to fish as well, provided you have a license. We’ll find you under the palm trees!

D.L Bliss State Park

Popular among the swimmers because of the clear waters of the lake. An excellent place for the regular sun-bathers as the sunshine is abundant in the area. Visitors love the sunsets, beautiful views of the water, and the well-preserved park.

D.l Bliss state park campground provides campsites, restroom facilities, and hot showers to 150 families.

Places to Visit at Lake Tahoe by TahoeStyle
Places to Visit at Lake Tahoe by TahoeStyle

Sand Harbor State Park

If scuba diving tickles your fancy, then head west of Lake Tahoe, Sand Harbor State Park. The endless sandy beach has become the main attraction point. Visitors love to scuba dive and swim in the transparent and beautiful waters.

The Sand Harbor State Park is also host to annual festivals and other events like the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival. People come and enjoy a series of performances that takes place. Honestly, we recommend visiting Sand Harbor State Park for walking under the moonlight on an endless sandy beach. 

Have you picked up your favorites already? Safe traveling!