Fun Activities at Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is an absolute gem of a lake surrounded by Sierra mountains in California state, and thousands of Americans choose to spend their long weekends here. The place is beautiful throughout the year and welcomes your visit here with a partner, family, or even yourself!

There are a plethora of activities in Lake Tahoe. In the present article, we have listed the seasonal activities into three categories, summer, winter, and all year round. Let us get straight to it!


Summer is a great time to be at Lake Tahoe or in California, and with that, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the watersport activities. With beautiful hiking trails and breathtaking views that the place offers, you should experience it all.


If you happen to find yourself near Lake Tahoe’s southern side, we suggest that you go kayaking. Kayaking is a great way to explore the lake at your own pace. There are usually no more than three people in a kayak, so it is guaranteed to be a quiet and peaceful time.

A huge number of kayaks and canoe rental places are available like the Kayak Tahoe, the South Lake Tahoe Kayak Rentals, among others. They are rigorously following the COVID-19 guidelines to provide you the best as well as the safest experience possible.

You can also spend time on the beach, just laying under the sun and getting a healthy tan. We advise you to make out most of the beach and do as many water activities as possible because no better place offers it all!

Lodging at Lake Tahoe by TahoeStyle


Winters are the time to get cozy on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate. But to get out in the chilly air, while you’re still inside your warmest sweaters, and to grab a dose of adventure has its pleasures. If you are someone who seeks that, Lake Tahoe will be just perfect! 

Lake Tahoe is very popular even in the winter and is usually surrounded by snowy caps on the mountainous peaks. The place lets you have your picture-perfect moments in the middle of the white of the snow, one that you cannot miss. Take our word; you need to be out and about in Lake Tahoe.


The pretty, snowy mountain slopes are very inviting to skiers.! Alpine Meadows is a great place to ski if you are a novice skier. It is a 2,400-acre ski facility for you to try your flashy moves on. Several snowboarding parks are also there for you in the Alpine Meadows at Lake Tahoe.

Seasonal Activities at Lake Tahoe by TahoeStyle
Seasonal Activities at Lake Tahoe by TahoeStyle

Ridge Rider Mountain Coaster

According to the Heavenly Ski Resort in Lake Tahoe, it is a gravity-powered alpine coaster that will take you through Lake Tahoe’s forests and natural rock formation. It is not the roller coaster that you’re thinking of; instead, it is a uniquely fun and great, yet safe way to explore the beautiful scenic views of Lake Tahoe. You, along with one other person, will sled through the most exotic scenes of the lake. Sounds exciting, right? Get going!

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All Year Round

There are certain activities at Lake Tahoe that you can easily have access to throughout the year. It is this that adds to the attractive opportunities that the place offers; come here any time, yet you won’t run out of things to do!


Lake Tahoe has one of the best hiking trails in California and possibly in the whole of America. There is something for everybody to do. If you are with your family and want something light and relaxed, then the Eagle Falls Trail will be your pick. If you one of those that seek adventure, then go for Mount Tallac. Finally, if you are in it for the pretty views, we recommend the Rubicon Trail, which trails from DL Bliss to Emerald Bay.

Seasonal Activities at Lake Tahoe by TahoeStyle
Seasonal Activities at Lake Tahoe by TahoeStyle


Another great way to see Lake Tahoe is from the sky- in a hot air balloon. Many hot air balloon rentals are functioning and available throughout the year. You can check out Lake Tahoe Balloons and book yourself a two-hour ride before you come to Lake Tahoe for the other activities.


Casinos are a great way to have fun and also to make some money. Who doesn’t like free money? This might surprise you, but Lake Tahoe has some great casinos and nightclubs. Some great ones are the Crystal Bay Casino, Harrah’s Casino, Harvey’s Casino, amongst many others.

Seasonal Activities at Lake Tahoe by TahoeStyle

All in all, Lake Tahoe has something for everybody. Just make sure to warm up your body with some stretching exercises and have a light tummy before trying some of these activities. Have fun!