Nightlife In South Lake Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe is a place for everyone. Families, couples, singles, hikers, and more. So, if  you are a person who rather goes to a club or a bar than go back to your hotel at 10 pm, we  might just have something in store for you. Clubs, bars, and casinos are where everybody is at  night, provided you are over twenty-one, of course! 

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Opal Ultra Lounge is located in the MontBleu Casino & Spa. It’s open on Friday as well as  Saturday from 11 pm till the sun comes up! A famous place for tourists and locals who are  looking for a good time. Opal Ultra Lounge does offer a multitude of deejays, both national and regional to get you heated up for the dance floor. 

If you are planning a bachelor/bachelorette party then Opal is the right way to go. They offer the  best prices for VIP tables and lounges. Come to Opal in South Lake Tahoe to have a rager and  not burn a hole in your pocket. 

Also, free entry for the ladies! Let’s go!

Things to do at Lake Tahoe by TahoeStyle
Things to do at Lake Tahoe by TahoeStyle

Peek Nightclub

Peek Nightclub is one of the biggest nightclubs in South Lake Tahoe. Peek is located inside  Harrah’s and offers you the largest dance floor to get your groove on. They also enforce a strict  dress code so you better dress to impress! It is the best-known nightclub in South Lake Tahoe  attracting the heavyweight deejays from Miami, Vegas, New York, and more. 

If you’re looking for a good time and you don’t know much about South Lake Tahoe, head to  Peek. You are guaranteed to have a good time on Fridays and Saturdays from 10 pm to 4 am. 

Like we said earlier, you got to dress to the nines, they are quite firm about their policy.

Tahoe Club Crawl

Dance the night away at Tahoe Club Crawl! It is fun, young, and lively, thanks to its amazing  crowd. If you are on a budget and still want to party, Tahoe Club Crawl is your place. They  specialize in bachelor and bachelorette parties, 21st birthdays, and large groups. It also offers  you welcome shots.  

Tahoe Club Crawl is a club enjoyed by many locals and tourists. It’s within a walking distance  from the casinos. So have fun over there and let loose on the floor here in Tahoe Club Crawl in  South Lake Tahoe.

Things to do at Lake Tahoe by TahoeStyle
Things to do at Lake Tahoe by TahoeStyle

Cabo Wabo Cantina

Heard of the legendary band, Van Halen? Cabo Wabo Cantina South Lake Tahoe is owned by  none other than Sammy Hagar of Van Halen. Super nice place with live music and nightclub  ambiance, this club’s a fun rockin’ place with Its friendly bartenders, perfectly crafted drinks, and  a wide floorplan that will be enough to put you in a good mood.  

It’s a wonderful place to start your evening with your friends; later you can enjoy live music or go  to another club. Mexican and southwestern cuisines are the only cuisines served at Cabo Wabo Cantina during the day.

South Lake Tahoe is a place for all. If you love to get out and have fun with your friends, there  are tons of options for you to choose from. Although I’ve listed a few, feel free to explore and go  into whatever club makes you groove!

Dining in South Lake Tahoe

Food is by far the most important thing on a vacation. Half of the conflicts on vacations happen  over where and what to eat. So instead of wasting your precious time on restaurants, enjoy your  hikes and jet ski, and let me give you a jumpstart! 

The good thing is that South Lake Tahoe has plenty of dining options for you to grub at. From  buffets to a la carte, let’s check it out!

Riva Grill

Riva Grill is an upscale, lakefront, American restaurant in South Lake Tahoe. It is designed to  look like a Riva boat. If you don’t know what that is, we’ll tell you! It is an exclusive speed boat, 

and they make only twenty of them a year. They are sold for about $200,000; talk about a  luxurious lifestyle! 

While you are dining here, do ask for outdoor seating to enjoy the breathtaking view of the  sunset. The food here is amazing, so is the wine. We recommend Filet mignon and try fresh  seafood. Don’t miss out!

Things to do at Lake Tahoe by TahoeStyle
Things to do at Lake Tahoe by TahoeStyle

The Lake House

The Lake House is nestled in the gorgeous South Lake Tahoe. They offer a comforting yet  elegant setting for you to dine in. 

They offer a dinner and dessert menu. Sadly, you can’t go for lunch here. However, they make it  up by offering an extensive list of wine as well as craft beer. Be sure to stop by for a filling and comforting dinner and then party all night at one of the nightclubs we suggested! 

Reservation is recommended! And The Lake House remains closed from 31st October-14th  November and 1st May-15th May of every year. Book accordingly.

Red Hut

Something you cannot miss while in South Lake Tahoe is going to Red Hut. It’s an iconic diner  originally opened in 1959 in Nevada and since then has expanded to many places in California.  This is just a good old American diner, so forget your health when you visit this place! 

Having a lovely, warm, and welcoming ambiance, you just can’t help but feel happy while  chewing down on your greasy hamburger. They are famous for their waffle sandwich with two  rashes of bacon and an egg, so do try that out for breakfast. 

Its a family run business, so expect a homey environment with high-quality food.

Things to do at Lake Tahoe by TahoeStyle
Things to do at Lake Tahoe by TahoeStyle

Edgewood Restaurant

Edgewood Restaurant is in the Edgewood Tahoe Resort. It’s a beautiful restaurant with a classy  wooden and stone interior overlooking the lake. It’s on the pricier side but the experience is  worth it. If you are vegan and have other dietary restrictions, they serve gluten-free as well as  dairy-free food as well. 

We believe if you are going on a vacation for a few days, why not go all out and enjoy to the  fullest? Edgewood will provide you with a stupendous experience. Be sure to reserve before you  go!

BONUS – Tahoe Tastings offer a wine tasting on an antique wooden boat that goes from South  Tahoe to Emerald Bay. You get a beautiful view of the sunset while getting to taste eight  different types of wines. It’s a perfect way to spend your afternoon. Also, they operate  throughout the year.

Ok, I have given you some ideas on having a great meal while in South Lake Tahoe. Whether  you prefer a homey, comforting affordable meal or an elegant, classy, expensive meal – you can  get it all. Overall, enjoy the suggestions, but also experiment! Who knows, maybe you will find  another hidden gem!

Hiking in South Lake Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe is visited by sports lovers whether it be water sports or otherwise. There are  many kinds of adrenaline-pumping activities both during winters and summers. Such as, Jet skiing, Skiing, snowboarding, zip-lining, kayaking, rafting, parasailing, to name a few.  

With hiking, you get to explore South Lake Tahoe properly. You need to take your time to take  all that pretty scenery in. There are many hiking trails in South Lake Tahoe; some are easy  while some are difficult. We will suggest a few options to get started.

Rubicon Trail

Rubicon trail is by far one of the most beautiful trails in South Lake Tahoe. It goes all the way  from D.L Bliss State Park to Emerald Bay and is about ten miles long. There are two different  trails of Rubicon to reach Vikingsholm, Emerald Bay. 

It’s a very calm and peaceful trail surrounded by pine trees. You can hear the water dancing in  the lake. When you finish about two-third of the trail you will reach by the water. That is a sight  to behold. You will encounter little waterfalls on your way. 

The Rubicon trail may be long but if you love to hike or are just interested in the scenic views,  we recommend you take this trail.

Things to do at Lake Tahoe by TahoeStyle
Things to do at Lake Tahoe by TahoeStyle

Mt. Tallac

If you are looking for a challenge then we suggest you hike all the way to Mount Tallac. It is a gorgeous trail. With 3000 feet of elevation, its a ten-mile round trip. Better pack the right  kind of shoes for this one and plenty of fluids. Pull up your socks and get ready to go on an  adventure!

You do need a desolation wilderness permit that allows you to visit Mount Tallac only during the  day. It’s not valid for a night-time hike. It is free of charge and simple to fill it out. The best time  to start your hike is before the dawn so that you reach the top to capture the picturesque  moments.

Eagle Lake & Eagle Falls Trail

This is a rather short and sweet trail in South Lake Tahoe. Eagle Falls Trail is a two miles round  trip with 400 feet elevation. If you have young kids or older people tagging along on this hike,  Eagle Falls trail is your best bet. That being said, if you want to hike to Eagle Lake then make  sure to fill out a free desolation wilderness permit. 

The moment you start your hike, you will reach Eagle Falls in no time. After reaching the upper  Eagle Falls you will mostly encounter stone steps. So, be cautious while hiking. Pay attention to  the cut-off points as you might end up on a different trail and lose track.

Things to do at Lake Tahoe by TahoeStyle

Hiking is an amazing way to explore South Lake Tahoe. All trails are beautiful. According to  your preferences, you can choose an easy two-mile trail with low elevation or an extreme of a  10 mile round trip with high elevation. There is something for everyone. I assure you that all of  your efforts will be worth it once you reach the top and marvel at the beauty of South Lake  Tahoe. 

TIP – Use mosquito and insects/ticks repellent when you go on a hike, especially on kids.

Fishing In South Lake Tahoe

No doubt that South Lake Tahoe is a great place for fishing, it’s fun and therapeutic. There is  this act of ‘catch and release’ that goes on between the fish and fisherman. Some prefer to eat  what they catch as well. 

Fishing is very calming as it requires a lot of patience. When you are in South Lake Tahoe,  regardless of your age, you must go fishing in Lake Tahoe and experience it! Develop the skills needed for different fishing techniques. Recreational fishing is always welcomed!. Come to  South Lake Tahoe and get your fish on! Oh, don’t forget your fishing license.

Caples Lake

Caples Lake with its backdrop of majestic peaks is located in Mokelumne Wilderness, South  Lake Tahoe. The lake is famous for being home to massive fish. Some of them include 

brookies, mackinaws, browns, and rainbows. Caples Lake is big enough for a boat, so consider  renting one out from Caples Resort and begin your fishing expedition.  

Since Caples Lake is a deep reservoir, it makes it ideal for good fishing. There is a parking lot  near the outflow dam close to Caples Lake. It’s beneficial as your car containing your fishing  equipment is near the lake. It will save your precious ‘fishing’ time.

Things to do at Lake Tahoe by TahoeStyle
Things to do at Lake Tahoe by TahoeStyle

Sawmill Lake Fly Fishing

You can experience fly fishing in South Lake Tahoe too. Let us explain, fly fishing is when you  use a fly to catch a fish on the surface. It is different from bait fishing, which requires a worm or  any bait to be attached to the fishing rod to lure the fish.  

Fly fishing is so much fun; you can see the fish come on the surface and jump to catch the fly.  Usually, those who practice fly fishing do not intend to consume the fish, so they release it back  in the water immediately. One of the best places for it in South Lake Tahoe is Sawmill Lake. 

We recommend you get in touch with Tahoe Flying Fishing Outfitters, as they have all the  necessary fishing equipment needed for fishing. I think they offer a personal guide who can help  navigate the best area for fishing during that particular season. 

Fallen Leaf Lake

Fallen Leaf Lake is wonderful for hiking, fishing, camping. This is such a versatile lake that  visiting this place is a must!. It is considered a gem since it offers a multitude of activities. Fallen  Leaf Lake saw a return of the cutthroat trout which was once extinct.  

It used to be home to rainbows and mackinaws, but these days not so much. Still, there is  plenty of fishing happening in the lake. Even if you aren’t able to catch a fish, don’t take it too  seriously and have fun while fishing! 

Trust me and go to Fallen Lea Lake and fish, it’s a healing experience like no other.

Things to do at Lake Tahoe by TahoeStyle

Whether bait fishing or fly fishing, choose whatever sounds exciting. We understand that it’s not  everyone’s cup of tea, but you are in South Lake Tahoe so might as well try it out. What if you  love it so much it becomes one of your hobbies? Then you will thank me for sure! 

Now that I have shown you where to stay, what to eat, where to hike, and what to do in South  Lake Tahoe, I hope that you excited to make the trip. Honestly, this place is amazing, and I am grateful to have been born here!

Apart from what I have mentioned, there are many things you can do. There are amazing  camping sites, an annual food festival/competition which is held in South Lake Tahoe, home grown wine tastings and so much more! Also, if you are a blogger or an Instagrammer, boy are  you in for a treat! The lakes, peaks, and nature are immaculate. 

The perfect time to visit South Lake Tahoe is all year round. They have summer as well as  winter activities, so you won’t get bored. We recommend you spend at least four to five days  and try everything I have mentioned above. You won’t feel rushed or tired. You will, for sure, be  happy and satisfied.  

What more do you want? Pack your bags and leave for South Lake Tahoe already!